“Commit your way to the Lord…”


“…trust in Him and He will do this: He will make your righteousness Shine like the dawn, The justice of your cause like the Noonday sun.” Psalm 37: 5-6


The Lamed Vavnik

“For the sake of ten righteous people, God does not destroy the world.  These are the Lamed Vavnik.  They live scattered, in any nation under heaven, are members of any class, of a, ny profession which may be imagined; and they are invisible to the world. Lo, not even they know the significance of their lives.  Such ignorance is their righteousness.  They merely live, so they suppose, as other people live.  But Heaven knows the difference.

And this is the mercy of God: that when one of the Lamed Vavnik dies, God raises up another.

I heard this from my friend. He said it was an old Hasidic legend.

I believe it.”

from Ragman and other cries of faith by Walt Wangerin Jr.

and you shall know He and the Kingdom by (a poem)


and you shall know He and the Kingdom by

mustard seed, salt, coins, and sheep.

lilies and birds of the air, eyes, and teeth.

oak planks and specks and motes.

bread- leavened and unleavened.

oil for lamps, nard for feet.

fig trees and houses of sand, houses on rock.

water. to wine.

fish.  by the net and basketful.

spit and sand to mud and healing.

seeds.  weeds.  harvest time and pearls.

treasure and fields.  shekels in mouths.

talents owed to kings and servants.  canceled debts.

children and vineyards.

fathers.  sons lost and found.

donkeys and leaves of palm.  Wedding feasts.

bread and wine, again.

a place for skulls, three crosses, thieves and blood and nails.

soaked vinegar in sponges and spears in sides.

cracked foundations and torn curtains.

a rolled-back boulder, two messengers.

a woman.  a garden.  a Gardener.

fish for breakfast.

love to proclaim, sheep to be fed.

tongues of fire, promised.  given.